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Synthia Suzelis is a healer, advocate and a trailblazer in the field of holistic health. She believes human beings are created to be self-healing and has spent a lifetime understanding the many barriers preventing optimal health and working with clients to help them remove their specific impediments to wellness.

Unfortunately, the modern healthcare system is complicated and profit-driven, leaving many patients feeling powerless. Synthia advocates for her clients using simple techniques and natural substances including homeopathics, Bach Flowers, prayer,  and supplemental nutrients.

In 1995, before there was a health food store in every town and in order to give her clients and the community access to healthy foods and supplements, Synthia and her husband Ted, opened Healthy Treasures in Newton Falls. They still run the family farm in Paris Township where their five children grew up.

Education and training:

  • Kent State University – basic education and business studies
  • 1982 – 1986 – Graduated with CNC (Certified Nutritional Consultant) degree from Hannah Hills School of Natural Healing
  • Studied Electro Acupressure According to Voll (EDS), homeopathy, nutrition, Iridology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and other holistic modalities
  • 1995- EDS training in Utah
  • 2012- Cease Therapy Certification from Toronto Canada
  • 2016- International Academy of BioEnergetic Sciences. London, Ontario, 1-year certification to update EDS skills
  • 2018- 2019- Nutrigenetic Research Institute
  • Epigenetic workshops in understanding how our genetic makeup is influenced by our environment