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Electrodermal screening- High tech meets ancient medicine

Electrodermal screening, which electronically measures the biological energies utilized in acupuncture and homeopathy, is an indispensable tool for practitioners like Synthia Suzelis.

First developed 50 years ago in Germany, electrodermal screening provides information about the health of the body by measuring electrical currents on the skin at various points on the hands and feet. All matter vibrates at a specific and unique frequency as a result of the electric charges of the particles at the atomic level. These vibrating, electrically charged particles emit electromagnetic waves. This means that every medicine (or any other substance) produces its own unique electromagnetic pattern and this is what is measured by electrodermal screening.

It can be used to help recognize a patient’s organ dysfunctions even before physiological symptoms manifest themselves in the body. It can identify pathogens and other toxins that are making the patient sick, and ascertain what medicines, supplements, and other remedies are helpful-or harmful-to the patient.

It can even determine the dosages that should be administered for maximum effect. This is done quickly, inexpensively and non-invasively.

In contrast, conventional medicine is still based on the mechanistic physics of the 19th century as if the body works like a machine. It still holds the belief that life processes can be described and understood only on a chemical level. This is why traditional medical doctors take blood, do urine testing and use technology like CAT scans to help them diagnose diseases. By the time the disease has gotten into the blood or organs, and therefore can be measured in these ways, more drastic measures like drugs and surgeries are often needed to cure the patient.

Every medical device produces some type of information about the patient that must be interpreted by the practitioner. Electrodermal screening (EDS) machines are no different than other medical tools such as an EKG, X-ray machine or even a stethoscope. Each of these tools requires a trained practitioner who has the learning and experience to effectively interpret the results they produce.

In the hands of a skilled and trained practitioner, EDS machines are powerful tools that can directly access the body’s sophisticated communication and control network.

For more information, read “High Technology Meets Ancient Medicine, Alternative Medicine Magazine, March, 2002“.