A year ago this August, I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Ted. I was having trouble losing weight. I was also previously diagnosed with asthma, migraines and acid reflux. I went to him overweight, exhausted and overwhelmed. He sat down with me and took great interest in what I had to say regarding my health, physical as well as mental. He went over my daily diet and activities. I told him my weight loss goals and he put me on a very specific weight loss plan according to my blood type. He gave me a list of what I should and shouldn’t eat as well as the portion sizes. I started right away and I lost 12 pounds in the first 9 days.

This program is not a diet, it’s a way of life. Dr. Ted gives you the tools you need to lose weight and change your life on your own. If you follow the program he gives you, the pounds will fall off and you will feel fantastic.

It’s not only about weight loss. You will feel improvement in every aspect of your life. My sugar stabilized, I no longer had severe mood swings, the energy dips stopped and my migraines were gone. My asthma and acid reflux were also gone.

To date at age 40, I am down 40 pounds and I have kept the weight off. I am on no medication. Dr. Ted has truly changed my life and my way of eating. He is ready and willing to help or answer any questions you have. Thank you Dr. Ted.