When I found Dr. Ted, I was at the point where she just could not live like I was anymore. The stress was taking over my life. I had breast cancer and after all the issues that came after the aggressive treathment- chemo and radiation- my body was not bouncing back. I was angry that I was given no education as to the long term effects of these treatments. I’ve been with Dr. Ted’s practice for a little over a year. I used to spend 15 dollars on each visit to an MD for my GI problems and wasn’t getting any better so therefore that copay was for nothing. I tried to help myself by researching on line but ended up more confused. Naturopathic medicine is not a quick fix, and it’s not a bandaid either. In a year with Dr. Ted, I’ve regained my strength and energy and made good progress with my GI problems. What I get here is education not indoctrination.